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Mustafa Juzar Worliwala

Mustafa is the co-founder of, an e-commerce platform specializing in tools and machinery. With years of experience behind his back, he has been one of the pillars of the mazing store.

Mustafa worked as a local salesperson in Mumbai for a small tools and machines company during his undergraduate years where he visited numerous power tool servicing shops which provided him with a technical understanding of the various equipment.

To gain more knowledge about the tools business he began visiting wholesalers all throughout India developing a deep interest in this field.

Mustafa targeted the generators and welding machine service and repairs market gaining specialized knowledge through various workstations. He was constantly trying out newer avenues to keep himself updated with the changing dynamics of the Indian tools market. Soon after developing good networks within the tools and machinery industry, Mustafa collaborated with a brand dealing in high-quality power tools and accessories.

He coordinated with retail as well as the wholesale customers which helped in understanding the changing trend in the tools industry and the increasing role of technology and the online marketplace. As part of wholesale and supply, Mustafa began importing a wide range of tools and machinery from China.

In Delhi, he built a wholesale network chain aimed at the North Indian market where he coordinated with retail and wholesale clients to better understand the shifting trends in the Tools sector, as well as the rising influence of technology and the online marketplace.

Mustafa realized that there was a need for an online marketplace that would solve the problems clearly evident in the tools industry. He joined hands with three of his friends to establish Mazing store, enabling them to work closely with a wide range of customers in the subcontinent supplying high-quality tools and best-in-class services.

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