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Ammar is an Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of the mazing store, Indian e-commerce for tools and machinery. Equipped with excellent knowledge of the unorganized sector of industrial tools and supplies, Ammar is the guiding light for the mazing store.

Ammar was born and brought up in a small town in Gujarat, known as the Milk City of India. He did his schooling in Mehsana and shifted to Bombay with his family at the age of fourteen.

He completed his schooling in Bombay and enrolled in an engineering course but dropped out for family reasons. It was a difficult decision for him because engineering had always been his passion, but Ammar handled the situation like a true warrior, taking on all the hurdles that came his way.

He began as a second fiddle in a tool trading company for two years before moving on to a marketing position in the same company where he worked for about five years.

His extended travel throughout India equipped him with marketing and product knowledge. As he continued to travel to other regions of India, he began to establish excellent business acumen and good networks throughout the country.

Ammar began single-brand-oriented wholesale marketing for industrial supplies across India, where he met his co-founder and friend, ‘Amir.’ Amir and Ammar, together with two of their friends, decided to collaborate and bring the idea of creating a marketplace for industrial tools and equipment to life. Ammar’s long-term goal is to create a one-stop-solution for all industrial and construction firms, as well as promote Indian products throughout the subcontinent and beyond, the world, thereby establishing a market for Indian-made industrial goods.

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