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Amir Khuzema

Amir Khuzema is an Indian entrepreneur and the co-founder of Mazing Store, a new E-commerce platform for the tools sector. During his undergraduate years, Amir created an event management firm and participated in several campus events, hustling and attempting to learn something new every day. This has been quite clear and has been a standout part of Amir’s journey thus far. He worked as a salesperson at a tool shop in Coimbatore, where he learned to service and repair all machines and understood the ground reality of the tools and machinery market.
Amir opened his own business in Ranchi, where he did retail sales and services for five years. After gaining extensive expertise in hard selling and services and acquiring a strong market awareness and business acumen, he closed the retail store to start a wholesale multi-brand store on the outskirts of Ranchi. He grew his company by establishing a comparable wholesale office in Kolkata and expanding his dealer network from Jharkhand and Bihar to Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Assam, Telangana, and Meghalaya.
Based on the success of his wholesale company, he consolidated both multi-brand wholesale stores into a single brand that offered a comprehensive variety of machines and spare parts. Amir has gained an extensive understanding of the industry, goods, services, parts, and the demands of a diverse spectrum of clients over the years. He is aware of customers’ concerns as well as the difficulties that come with a dynamic market like India. He has also worked directly with manufacturers in China and India to get in-depth knowledge of new goods, which he has used for his firm, resulting in the development of helpful and creative items.
Amir ventured out into an e-commerce marketplace with the vision of bridging the gap between the customers and B2B sellers to take his business countrywide and reach clients in every corner of India. Making a commitment to the Make in India initiative was created to promote high-quality Indian-made items while also serving as a platform to link customers from all over the world with Indian producers and provide additional alternatives for Indian customers.

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